Kimberly Saavedra Eriksson

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Kimberly Saavedra Eriksson
Great picture
Great picture
First name Kimberly
Full name Kimberly S. Eriksson
Nickname Kim or Bot
Birth date 1992-09-04 (age 28)
Birth country Philippines
Current location Aqaba
Current country Jordan
Nationality Filipino
Sister Jems Carla Mozo Saavedra
Brother Jems Hero Mozo Saavedra
Brother Jems Lymox Mozo Saavedra
Brother Jems Gabriel Mozo Saavedra
Brother Nathan Lance Mozo Saavedra
Mother Emmalinda Mozo Saavedra
Father Joel Relator Saavedra
Spouse Bo Eriksson
How we met Infront of the elevator
When we met it was Sunny
Where we met At Days Inn in Aqaba
Year we met 2016

She is so beautiful.

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