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This is the diary for our travel in the Philippines
And ofcourse we both will write here.
4 Sept 2017 to 16 jan 2018

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Day 1 - 2017-07-17

Today I did book the Ticket, i will take off 12/9 from Sweden Arlanda //Bo

Day 2 - 2017-09-12

So here I am at terminal nr 2 at Arlanda, drinking a beer, waiting for the flight to London at 3.40pm //Bo

Day 3 - 2017-09-15

Well yesterday I had some fun treating the workers in the bar at the hotel (Shogun) some Djungelvrål hehe I also had to eat their eat as much as you want buffet for P199 //Bo

Day 4 - 2017-09-16

Even I have been here na for 4 days, I guess it was now it really hit me, sitting at the domestic terminal going to Tagbilaran and having a coke at Chaikofi that I actually really am here, I mean I have been waiting for so long to be here and now it starts to sink in that I actually am. But why did it hit me now? Well I look around and I don't see any foreign people here, I mean I have left the hotel na and on my way to the province to meet ma and the rest of the family by my self coz Kim isn't here yet :( and yes it's quite nervous actually but I knkw it will be okay, coz it is as everyone says, almost all of the people here is nice to others, at least I haven't seen any difference. But also I think the family is also a lil nervous to meet me hehe //Bo

Yeah, still at Chaikofi and two gentlemen's nust shared the table coz it's full here almost, deep into my phone I just heard the words "let's eat" and I thought he said it to his friend, but tje second later a hand try to pick my attention so when I look up he said it to me, Thank you Philippines for being so kind, Sweden have a lot to learn from this country in many way or actually maybe the world can learn a few things. //Bo

Day 5 - 2017-09-20

Well today I have been in Corella with the family and celebrating the day of a late lady (dead) I don't remember the name of her :/ I also saw a Gecko catching the dinner in our kitchen, it was a big spider, so I guess I should be thankful for that gecko hehe, there will be a picture in the album later // Bo

Day 6 - 2017-10-01

Today we did go to Tagbilaran and shop a lot of things, one was a bookshelf, and some clothes for me and a lot of other stuff.

Day 7 - 2017-10-28

Today we were driving up north to meet Hero We haven't been meeting him that much coz his working in another town, and in his off's he's at home with Nica ofcourse coz she's pregnant and expect delivery soon :)

Day 48 - 2017-10-30

Today we actually got a clearance for having out marriage license, we will pick it up the 10th, with that done we went to a wedding planner, I only thought she was a dress maker but she do it all if I understand it right, she also sent us to the wedding cake maker. The cake was quite easy to choose, but it's harder with the clothes ofcourse :p

After the cake choosing we went to Monina to book for a reception but the room they offered was divided in two with a sliding glass door unless we pay per hour for a bigger room, so instead we did go to a resort that opened up just 2 days ago and that was the first guy/owner that have been happy talking about our wedding, not like the Monina guys.

Day 60 - 2017-11-11

Today we got married hihihi!!!!

Wedding Anders Forsell.jpg

Day 72 - 2017-11-23

There have not been so much written here as I wanted to. But today we did get our marriage contract from the CR (Civil registrar) ut we have to wait dor some days before we can apply for a passport for Kim coz I guess it take some time before the PSA know the marriage have taken place (every thing takes time here coz they use typewriters instead of computers 😯)

Day 73 - 2017-11-24

Today we ha a road trip down to Panglao island and was visiting the Hinagdanan cave after that we took a lunch at Ging Ging. Before we went home we bought Ban a phone as a birthday present.

Day 82 - 2017-12-04

This day was a slow day, e were at home almost all day, but we're driving to Tubigon in the afternoon coz I was going to get a haircut, but because we were so slow during the day we came there to late. So instead we bought a snaredrume for Yan yan

Day 83 - 2017-12-05

Today we just stayed at home, except for that we did go to Calape and bought some fish for dinner.

Day 84 - 2017-12-06

So today the Philippines disappoints us again with their slow working progress, we went to PSA to extract an original from our marriage contract, but got told that it takes between 6 to 12 months before it's registered 😲

Day 85 - 2017-12-07

So we went to Tagbilaran to PSA to get them to hurry up the process of our papers, and they said yes we can email PSA in Cebu, the fun thing with this is that an email in their eyes is that they put the original (which was a copy) I an envelope, give it to us and tell us to post it and come back with the receipt with 2 photocopies. After that we need to wait for 3 weeks before we can get the original (the original is a photocopy of the copy of the original that will be scanned (I guess) into a computer and printed on a security paper (that is smaller than the Marriage contract paper) so we can have it as an original Marriage contract.... sigh the paperworks in this country is really hard to understand. And the fun thing is that the Civil registrar office doesn't know about this high-tech sending thing coz they said we can ask if we can get the original (that is the copy) and hand it over to Cebu PSA our self to hurry up the process haha. And why we will get it to Cebu I don't know coz if it will be registered into a database it will be done in Manila not in Cebu. I'll just sigh and go with the flow 😣

Day 86 - 2017-12-08

Today i have been trying go clean the CR byt it is really hard, coz I guess there have been many years sice it been cleaned properly. 😥

Day 89 - 2017-12-11

Today we have been married for one month ❤❤❤

Day 98 - 2017-12-20

Yes the laundry needs to be done even here, so that is what Kim have been doing today.

Day 131 - 2018-01-21

Landing in a cold Sweden, Anders came and picked me up at Arlanda in -12C

Day 143 - 2018-02-02

Today Kim landed so me, Anders and Emanuel went to Arlanda and picked her up :)