Bo Eriksson

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Bo Eriksson
Full name Bo Erik Eriksson
Nickname Bosse
Birth date 1976-03-17 (age 44)
Birth country Sweden
Current location Östersund
Current country Sweden
Nationality Swede
Daughter Erikah Margareta Löwenborg Eriksson
Daughter Wilma Margareta Eriksson
Son Patrik Bo Löwenborg
Son Edvin Eriksson
Brother Stig Åke Eriksson
Brother Peter Karl Eriksson
Mother Ingegerd Margareta Eriksson
Father Åke Karl Eriksson
Spouse Kimberly Saavedra Eriksson

20060827 Härjedalen
20060827 Siggebohyttan

20060516 i Skogsmossen
Name Bo Eriksson
Height 171
Eyes Blue/Grey/Green
Feet 40-41
Hair blond
Sex Man

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